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Meet the Founders of

Founders Adrian & Imani are your new favorite Black couple! Adrian and Imani created BLAI- Black Love Always & Infinite to show people that Black Love still exists and is still cherished. They wanted to encouragee people to remember their history and to work toward continuing a positive legacy that the children of this world will be proud to walk in. BLAI is not just about the Black couple but it's about building generational wealth for their families, giving back to the community that watered our flowers, helping kids in STEM have access to career opportunities and experiences and encouraging people to just take one step toward leaving a legacy for their families! Welcome to B'Lai! 

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The BLAI Foundation

The babies need us to pour into them constantly, daily and with intention. The B'Lai Foundation was created simultaneously with BLAI because it is equally as important to build our legacy and to pour into children & community that may never have the opportunity to build their own from scratch. Both Adrian & Imani are grateful to have a platform where we can bring the community in, to help the community out. Below, we will list where our funds go and how you can donate to the BLAI Foundation! 

The BLAI Homeless to Business Owner Initiative 

Creating a space for the women, men and children in the homeless community to have access to resources to start their own business and build their lives on their own. 

The BLAI STEM Scholarship Fund

This Fund will help the collegiate and high school students to afford the living expenses for when they need to travel for conferences, internships, Co-ops, workshops, study abroad, etc.

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Adrian & Imani believe in the power of the Unit. What does that mean? In short, 2 is better than 1. As a couple, they understand the importance of individuality while still trusting the beauty of their bond. We, as a people, can grow so much further together than we can apart. They encourage you to lean in to the people who are supporting you and who are motivated to make change. Parter with them, and grow your business, your relationship and change the world, one step at a time!

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