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Launching or Scaling your Beauty Business? 

Learn how to launch & scale your business with confidence in just 60 days with a coach by your side! 

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The Beauty Boss Bootcamp

Businesses by Imani

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Picture this...

You have idea of this beautiful luxury salon with your business name on it and clients are booking with deposits at $80/hr through your booking link while you're working! 

That was me, just this January! 

Then dreamt bigger, wanted to serve more guests and give a better experience BEFORE the burn out - so business grew through employees and coaching, all in just under 6 months! 

And this WILL be YOU!  

Skip the headache of wondering how to grow clientele, gain the ideal clients, experience freedom in your business, finding the courage of starting & scaling and work with a coach to help you succeed in just 60 days! 

So Who's Your Coach?

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Imani Powell

Have you felt?

Burnt Out, Hesitation, Fear, Unpreparedness, Unqualified?

I have too! But is your passion high enough to feel...

Motivated, Highly Qualified, Successful, Fulfilled, Joy, Peace & Freedom?

If yes is your answer, then you are in the right place! The Beauty Boss Bootcamp is exactly where you need to be! You were not taken to this page by chance. You want better for yourself and I want you to thrive in your business and experience freedom while living the dream through your career! 

B.O.S.S. Your Way to Success in Your Business! 


Become the Boss!

Learn how to operate as The Boss, The Owner, The CEO but not a friend. You run a business, let's make sure you are running it well.



A building built with an unstable foundation will fall, so let's make sure your business can stand AND grow for as long as you desire!


Scale & Sales

One of the scariest things a business owner ever does is list & increase their prices. We will go over the best way to increase, how much and how to prepare your clients.


Success & Soar!

Celebrating yourself is so important when you're running a business. That energy you pour into yourself will undoubtedly reflect in your business and in your life! We will help you create a healthy mindset plan and have weekly celebrations during our LIVE coaching sessions

So What Do You Get?
60 Days of ...


3 Days of LIVE Sessions Every Week!

What?? Amazing right?! We cover foundation, standardization, mindset, money, any questions & accomplishments!


The B.O.S.S Framework!

The B.O.S.S. Framework will work for any and all businesses you want to run. Every time you want to launch or scale, The B.O.S.S. Framework is the key to success! 


Small, Intimate Group Sizes

As The Beauty Boss Bootcamp grows, we will maintain small, intimate group sizes to ensure you are heard and your vision is executed. 

This Bootcamp is for you if you...

Are ready for your business to BLOSSOM

Understand the value of accountability and responsibility

Will show up with an open mind and receive critique and insight 

So Are You Ready To Level Up & Be The Boss? 
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