Passive + Time Off = Peace!

The Beauty Boss Bootcamp

An Intensive 60-Day Coaching Experience that helps Business Professionals existing businesses establish a foundation to be profitable and scalable.

I help burnt out hair professionals unlearn “Grind/Hustle Culture” & increase their prices so they can have an amazing work-life balance by creating passive income and implementing the 4 laws of the boss at peace.


Cosmetologists, Braiders, Barbers & Natural Hair Stylists

By Imani

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Picture this...

You have idea of this beautiful luxury salon with your business name on it and client are booking with deposits at $80/hr through you booking link while you're working. 

That was me, just this January! 

Then dreamt bigger, wanted to serve more guests and give a better experience BEFORE the burn out - so business grew through employees and SCALED through coaching, all in just under 6 months! 

And this WILL be YOU! 

Skip the headache of wondering how to price your services for your audience, welcome the ideal client, seeking freedom of time in your business, finding the courage starting & scaling & join The Beauty Boss Bootcamp with a catch to help your business FLOURISH in just 60 days! 

Who's Your Coach?

Meet Natural Hair Expert, Owner & Scientist, 

Imani Powell

Imani Powell was born and raised in (New) Jersey, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors in Forensic Science (Biology) & minor in Chemistry and currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT. Imani spent most of her adolescence in a hair salon and has carried over her skills and teachings as a Natural Hair Stylist today. Imani is an artist, a creator, a scientist and an advocate for the Natural Essence of the Black Experience.

She is owner of Essence of Ebony, a Natural Hair home for the African Diaspora. She is a Natural Hair Stylists & Coach and has over 10 years of experience specifically in Natural Hair care. She has trained under Master Locticians, Cosmetologists, & Natural Hair Experts. She has styled for weddings, photoshoots & Films. Imani is also the Creator of The Crown Coaching Experience, a virtual and hands-on education training dedicated to helping parents and individuals take care of their own and/or their child’s natural curly hair.


Imani Powell

Natural Hair Expert, Owner & Scientist 

Imani Powell

Have you felt?

Burnt Out, Hesitation, Fear, Unpreparedness, Unqualified 

I have too, trust me! But the question is.. is your passion and drive great enough to SHIFT those feelings to...

Motiv​ated, Highly Qualified, Successful, Fulfilled, Joy, Peace & Freedom?

If yes, then you are in the right place at the right time! 

The Beauty Boss Bootcamp is the experience that you, the beauty professional has been asking for. Let's shift the narrative of not having profitable businesses, not being able to take days off and vacations at our leisure. and begin to work SMARTER so we can enjoy our passions & live a full life! 


So What Do You Get in 60 Days? 


2 Days of LIVE Coaching Weekly! Covering: Mindset, Money, Foundation, Standards & Wins!


Standard Operating Procedures, Detailed Financial Planning, Business Insurance Set up & Your Real Price List!


The B.O.S.S. Framework for business structure & Scaling UP Through Coaching & Employee Assistance


The B.O.S.S. Workbook for you to detail everything you will need to show your full established business! 

B.O.S.S. Your Way To Success!


Become the Boss! 

Learn how to operate as The Boss, The Owner, The CEO and not as a friend. This is where you will handle your Legal & Tax resources, Business Insurance, Policies for your business and establishing your brand!



Standards, structure and strategy will keep your business STRONG and will have the potential to grow. We will create your Standard Operating Procedures & Rules for your business with my personal template ! 


Sales & Scale!

One of the scariest things a business owner decides revolves around setting and raising prices! We will go over the best way to price for your business to ensure you are attracting the ideal client as well as making the revenue & profit you desire!


Success & Soar!

Celebrating yourself is immensely important when you're running business! Once you have built the foundation and designed your business - you will begin to attract the people, money & experiences you desire! 

Are you ready run your Business with a Firm Foundation & CONFIDENCE? Book Your Consultation Today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022