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Healing Through Hair

A Holistic Healing Experience to Obtaining a Healthy, Natural Crown.

The Natural Hair Therapy that heals your hair, your soul and your mind. 

It has taken us, Black people, quite some time to openly embrace our natural hair. From people expressing their confusion about our hair, projecting their own INSECURITIES on you, loud whispers that you should keep your hair "tamed" by straightening or relaxing it, and everything that qualifies as an attack to our CONFIDENCE and self esteem. We have questions about our hair health, curl patterns, the perfect product and scalp conditions. We have experienced what some would consider traumatizing experiences in the hair salon or in our mother's or grandmother's home. The BURN, the hot comb, the tears, the clippers, the scissors, the transition, the ITCHING, the tightness, the pain... we remember it all like it was yesterday. 

So how do we recover and heal from these experiences and obtain naturally HEALTHY hair and a healthy scalp?  How do we begin to understand what products are best? How do we learn to forgive the past and start your natural hair journey? Read below for the answer to your questions and let's begin to HEAL today! 

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"If you heal the mind, you will heal the body."

Healing Your Hair Begins With Your Mind

You have to believe you are worthy of having healthy, naturally curly hair. You are more than worthy, I know it. 

Meet The Expert of 
Healing Through Hair

Imani BW.heic

Natural Hair Coach, Expert, Stylist & Scientist

Imani Powell

Imani Powell was raised in a Natural Hair Salon since she was born and has always had an interest in creating art. Whether that be hair, music, drawing, singing, food - as long as there was time, she could create. Years later, she went to college to study Forensic Science and graduated with her Bachelors. She then moved to Utah and worked in the field of STEM for a few years then transitioned into hair full time. 

She created Essence of Ebony in June of 2020 - in the depth of the COVID-19 pandemic to offer her services to those who desired their natural hair styled. She soon realized that this service was more than just about technique, it was about healing, relationship, confidence, attitude, energy work, ancestry and love. 

She began The Crown Coaching Experience which was amazing for people to learn more about how to style hair, use products and understand hair. She offered her services to parents, individuals, schools, and other stylists but she hadn't quite figured out how to create the service she dreamt... until now. 

Healing Through Hair began as an idea in September of 2021 with a client that was seeking more than just technical conversation of styles and products. She wanted an EXPERIENCE. She wanted to be heard and feel confident about herself while she transitioned into the Natural lifestyle. That was the moment that changed it all. 

Imani's dream is for people to live the life they desire while feeling confident in themselves by looking and feeling the best. Healing Through Hair will provide you with the steps to take to help you along your journey as you already possess the confidence, it's just a matter of you finding it again. 

Image by Susan Wilkinson

How We Heal

We are a team of Natural Hair Experts & specialists that will help you to achieve the goals for the health of your hair. We help in the following areas: Dandruff, Hair Loss, Breakage, Scalp Conditions, Moisture Retention, Style Selection, Confidence, Product & Tool Selection, and Transitioning from relaxed/straight to natural. We provide you with plans, products, tools, guides, style options and interactive sessions. 

We will use holistic and natural methods to help you achieve your goals. We will create a safe space for you to share your experiences as everything is valuable and sacred.

We work WITH your Natural Hair Stylist, we don't replace them. If you are in need of a Natural Hair stylist in your area, we will recommend you to a few. IF you are working with a Dermatologist, they are a functional part of your journey. We work WITH Medical Professionals (as we are not Medical Professionals) and welcome input that you are willing to provide.

We are here to work with the information you have received and the experiences you have had and formulate the best course of action for you to achieve your goals. 

Your stylist is a key part of this journey and will also be included in the process so you are supported from beginning to end. If you wish to not include your stylist, and prefer to do your hair indecently, we absolutely understand and will tailor your experience to YOU.

In order for you to obtain results, we offer services that allow you to have follow up appointments with us to ensure our plan is working for you and for feedback if you would like to adjust the plan. 

We are here to offer you the most holistic and realistic experience to help you heal your hair! Click the button below to book your 45 - minute consultation today! 

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We help hair having...

Dandruff, Psoriasis, alopecia, moisture retention, transitioning (relaxer to natural), product knowledge, hair loss, hair thinning, balding, regaining confidence and hair education. 

Image by Susan Wilkinson

"I can't find anyone or anything that works for my hair."

The most common statement amongst any Natural. Country wide, there aren't many stylists that specialize or focus on Natural Hair so it becomes difficult to find someone that can truly assist in your natural hair journey. 

Healing Through Hair is organized specifically  to cater to your PERSONAL needs, not just a general overview of what you could do. We have a list of high quality products by Black owned businesses that we choose from to help you. We understand that one product doesn't work for everyone, so we take the time to listen to your desires, your lifestyle, your current state of hair, your bad experiences and your good. Then we decide what course of action is best for you.

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"My confidence in wearing my natural hair has decreased" 

How you feel is of the utmost importance. That's non-negotiable. Whether you are working through thinning edges, alopecia, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, breakage, balding, brittle hair, overall thinning, loving your curls, embracing your curl pattern, etc. you are deserving to feel your BEST self, every single day. 

Healing Through Hair is not just about finding the right styles and products for you, it's also about helping you heal from any traumas you have experienced or are still experiencing with your hair. We understand that this experience is sensitive and we welcome you into a safe space to share your experiences that we can work toward in a healthy way. We offer meditative practices, specific activities, breathing exercises, affirmations, herbal remedies and physical solutions such as massages, styles, products and more to heal the external as well. 

Image by Susan Wilkinson

"I've been to medical professionals and I am still dealing with the same problems."

Medical professionals are a part of this journey if you need them to be, but they don't have to be the only part of your healing journey. 

Within this experience, you will receive guidance that is not directly influenced by American medicine, but from Eastern practices, African practices, Ancient Kemetic practices as well as holistic practices created in America that have been curated and within the last few hundred years. 

We do not take it lightly that you have spent time and money seeking answers from people you believe should solve your problem. So we do everything we can to give you a well rounded solution by incorporating different ways to heal as listed above with the various practices. 

We also bring in professionals such as holistic nutritionists, trichologists and herbalists to better help assist you in your journey of healing. 

You've heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child? We believe it takes a village to heal the body. 

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"I need a solid plan/guide of how to style my hair, how to keep my hair moisturized & my scalp healthy and a specific list of products to follow." 

Our lives are extremely busy and we understand that! 100%. Sometimes, we just need to be told exactly what needs to be done so we can focus on other parts of our lives. We understand that too. It's actually part of how this experience began. 

Healing Through Hair has a specific option for you to choose how best to get the answers you are seeking. We meet virtually or in person and discuss the needs and desires for your natural hair journey. 

Lifestyle is one of the most important to discuss because that will determine how we proceed. Are you a busy mom, busy dad, an athlete, a swimmer, an avid gym attendee, a dancer, a singer, an engineer, a teacher, etc. Even though we focus on your health, we still want your experience to make sense for you. If you are in frequent meetings or wear a hat most days, we will personalize your plan to where it makes sense for your life. 

All Services
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How Does It Work and What Are My Options?


The All Inclusive One-on-One Session

In the Amethyst one-on-one session, you will spend 3 hours with an expert discussing your goals, your current state of hair, your lifestyle and your hair history. We will discuss how the emotional journey you have gone through to really get to the root of where your troubles originated. 

After you express your desires for your natural hair, we will begin to discuss what the best plan going forward will be. We will make sure you have all the resources you need to accomplish your goals. By the end of the session,  you will have the following: 

An 8-week personalized guide  (the physical document will be emailed)

The list of products & tools you will receive and how to use each of them

Top 3 Natural Hair Stylists near you

Affirmations to speak daily to yourself

The Crown Workbook to track your journey

This option includes a complete kit for you to take home that is 100% tailored to your needs and align with your goals. Your product, tool & accessory kit will be shipped to you after our session to ensure we select the most appropriate. 

This experience is for anyone who is seeking a specific plan with the need of products that work for their scalp and hair. As we focus on the hair, we also will offer a guide for your internal health. A list of foods, herbs and supplements will be included to help enhance your Natural Hair Experience.

This session can be virtual or in person*.

If this sounds like the perfect option, click the button below to book your FREE 15 - minute Consultation Call. We can't wait to meet you!

*Currently offering in person sessions in  Arizona.


The Healing & Informative Group Session

In the Auralite Group Session, you will spend  2 hours with a group of individuals working through their Natural Hair Journey. This experience is catered to healing not only the physical hair but healing any traumas you cary with your Crown and your past experiences. You may be more emotional than expected but know that we are creating a safe space for you to tell your story.


Each individual participating will have the opportunity to tell their story of their Natural Hair. If you don't wish to speak, you will not be required to, however it is encouraged as it can be advantageous to release and be vulnerable for your healing experience. 

Here's an example of the flow of the group session. 

Introduction of the experience and what to expect for the next two hours

The Crown Healing Meditation & Breathing Exercises catered to the Crown Chakra

Massage exercises for the scalp that are healing and relaxing

Sharing your personal experience and how it's impacted your life 

After each response, the expert present will offer you a plan of action for you to progress on your Natural Hair Journey.

Food and Herbal plans based on the responses from the group

Product recommendations based on the responses from the group. 

Closing, if time allows, any further questions.

Affirmations to end the group session.

All sessions will allow everyone to speak at least once and will be offered a plan of action on the call. 

If this sounds fitting for. your needs, click the button below to schedule your FREE 15 - minute Consultation Call!


The Intensive One-on-One Session

In the Sugilite One-on-One Session, you have the opportunity to dive deep into your Natural Hair Experience, past and present for 2 hours. This space will be made comfortable for you as you share any emotional troubles you may have also experienced. We will also discuss your desires, diet, overall health, allergies, product use and your lifestyle to insure you walk away with everything you need to be successful on your journey. 

At the end of your session, you will receive the following:

An 6-week personalized guide (the physical document will be emailed)

The list of products & tools that are recommended for you

Top 3 Natural Hair Stylists near you

Affirmations to speak daily to yourself

You may not need an entire new set of products, but you might want a few items that will positively impact your Natural Hair Journey. 

It is imperative that you walk way with your questions answered AND walk away feeling more confident about yourself. We will end the session by practicing some meditative exercises and breathing techniques that will amplify the experience overtime of your Natural Hair Journey. 

This experience is for anyone who is seeking a specific plan for their Natural Hair Journey. This includes not only natural hair styles but an herbal, food and supplement guide to ensure internal health as well. 

This session can be virtual or in person*.

If this sounds like a great option for you, click the button below to schedule your FREE 15 - minute Consultation Call! 

*Currently offering in person sessions in  Arizona.

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