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The Natural Hair
Coaching Experience For Parents

Meet Your

CEO & Head Coach

Imani BW.heic

Imani Powell is the creator of THE CROWN Coaching Experience. She uses her experience as a Natural Hair Stylist & Scientist to help her clients have both comprehension of their hair texture and formation and also style according to her client's goals. She helps parents of children with curly hair and individuals with understanding, obtaining and maintaining healthy curly hair. Imani is adamant about helping you enjoy & appreciate this journey of learning about your CROWN.


Have you said?

"I want to understand the depth of my child's curls! I want to make sure my child loves and appreciates their curls. 

"I've purchased so many products and none of them seem to be right!"

"I can't seem to find the best way to moisturize, detangle or style my child's hair!"

"I spend days doing my child's hair  - I could use my time better if I had a more efficient method!"

"YouTube has been a great resource, but I need someone who can really help me specifically with my child's hair!"


Let's talk about it!

Image by Eye for Ebony

So How Does It Work?

1. Book a Zoom Consultation Call by clicking the button below. 

2. We discuss your child's hair history: products, tools, styles, accessories, struggle areas, successful moments & more.

3. What are your goals for the next 6 months? 

4. A plan of action is created for you to accomplish the goals you'd like - and we select a date to start that works best for you!

5. At our next scheduled coaching session, we begin the journey! 

What's Included in the experience?

The Crown Kit: A personalized package with products, tools and accessories! 

One on One Virtual Coaching tailored to your specific needs. You will receive a guide after completing the session so you can reference it. 

Black Hair Culture Education

Hair & Product Education

Mindset practices to truly achieve happy healthy hair

Proper techniques of detangling and styling

Understanding how wellness plays a role in healthy, natural hair

A Virtual Experience for your convenience*

*In person sessions are subject to the location of the client. If you'd like sessions in person, please mention in your initial consultation.


Is this for me and will it work for my child?


We created this experience specifically to help parents with children with extra curly, coily hair! No matter the parents racial or ethnic background, we are here to help you and your child embrace their hair and their hair culture. 

We understand that it will be an ongoing learning experience for you, but we are here to help you start or continue in the best direction. We have a team of people that have styled hair for over 20 years combined and we will help you understand your child's hair. 

The consultation is available to you if you have any questions or hesitations. We are here to listen to your experience!

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