The Natural Hair
Coaching Experience

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CEO & Head Coach


Imani Powell is the creator of THE CROWN Coaching Experience. She uses her experience as a Natural Hair Stylist & Scientist to help her clients have both comprehension of their hair texture and formation and also style according to her client's goals. She helps parents of children with curly hair and individuals with understanding, obtaining and maintaining healthy curly hair. Imani is adamant about helping you enjoy & appreciate this journey of learning about your CROWN.


Have you said?

"I want to understand the depth of my child's curls! I want to make sure my child loves and appreciates their curls. 

"I've purchased so many products and none of them seem to be right!"

"I can't seem to find the best way to moisturize, detangle or style my child's hair!"

"I spend an entire day washing my hair - I could use my time better if I had a more efficient method!"

"YouTube has been a great resource, but I need someone who can really help me with MY hair!"


Let's talk about it!

The Crown  includes...

One on one coaching tailored to your specific needs. 1-4 hours available. 

The Crown Kit: A specialized package you'll receive with products, tools, The Crown Workbook, and more!

Hair, product and tool education

Mindset practices to truly achieve happy, healthy hair

Access to The Crown Crew - a community to support you through your journey

Proper techniques of de-tangling and styling

Understanding how wellness plays a role in hair

Black Hair Culture education


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