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The Luxury Hair Care Line made with Organic oils, Crown Chakra Oils curated and created by a Black Woman.


Limited Edition: The Crown Oil

Limited Edition: The Crown Oil is only available for a limited time but can last you up to 6 months - 1 year! A few drops a day to your CROWN goes a long way. The Crown Oil can uplift and awaken your CROWN. Pre- Order your bottle today, Shipments go out August 1, 2022!

How To Use
The Crown Oil


Hair Use: This product is great for defining curls from a braid out, twist out or refreshing a wash and go style. You could also use this as a shine refresher for styles to add a bit of sheen to your look.


Beard Oil: For those with a beard, this is perfect to moisturize in the morning and give it a bit of a shine!


Scalp Use: Use very little on areas you'd like to add a bit of moisture back into. Use alittle bit of water prior to applying the product.


Meditation Use: Apply between 1-3 drops of oil to the insides of your wrist and rub together. Inhale after rubbing to get the essence of the scent. You can also apply a bit to your temple and massage it in slowly and gently.


Body Use: You can use this product as a body or hand oil!


Perfume Use: Apply the product to your collar bones and the inside of your neck to get the best experience.



This oil is to heal any parts of yoruself you feel is needed. If it was not listed above but you are feeling called to use it, as long as it's external, go for it! We would love to hear how The Crown Oil works for you!

Who Are We

Is Amber Reign for me? 

Amber Reign is for the melanated, curly King and Queen! Every single person deserves to live in luxury, and that includes you. We come from the highest form of royalty and it is time to reclaim and own that status again! Treat yourself with the products from Amber Reign by pre-ordering today! 

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What is Amber Reign?


Amber Reign is the all natural, luxury hair care line - exclusively hand prepped, pressed and bottled, according to the Lunar Cycle. The limited edition line is crafted with different intentions than our traditional method but has powerful properties and benefits just the same. Amber Reign offers you the opportunity to feel the herbs of the land encompassed into an Amber bottle, crafted just for you. The significance of Amber: “Amber is formed from resin exuded from tree bark and produced in the heartwood. Resin protects trees by blocking gaps in the bark. Resin’s antiseptic properties protect the tree from disease, and its stickiness can gum up the jaws of gnawing and burrowing insects. Amber can also preserve plant matter, bacteria, [and more]. Whence came a substance that carried within it the flora and fauna of another  place and time, one with traces of the earth and sea, one that seemed even to gold the light of the sun?” 

Symbolically, Amber and the Black Woman hold similar characteristics as to protect life and light and have a lineage that is limitless. Reign - to hold a high office as king or queen. As the Black Being, we have held the title of King and Queen and it is important to remind the people that we are still Black Excellence that will continue to be prevalent in our time.

What makes Amber Reign Luxury?

So let's define Luxury. Luxury is said to be the state of great comfort and extravagant living. The feeling of comfort is often influenced by the individual pieces that make up that comfortable experience. Each herb, oil and has been carefully selected by an Herbalist - who is a Black Woman - from the best sources in the country. Every single product is bottled after it has completed the lunar cycle. We start prepping on the New Moon at the top of the month and finish by pressing the herbs on the Full Moon at the end of the month. We use Amber Essence water in our products to instill the connection between one of the oldest resin's in history to present day. The detail and care designed just for you is the epitome of luxury. 

The Amber Reign Team


Imani Powell

Creator and Owner of Amber Reign

Hi! My name is Imani Powell and I am the creator and owner of Amber Reign. I am a proud Jersey girl, but I have moved to a few states since graduating high school. I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Forensic Biology. I am the Owner of Essence of Ebony, a Natural Hair Home for the African Diaspora. I enjoy singing, writing poetry, creating films and traveling the world. Thank you for supporting! 

Amber Reign wouldn't be possible without the, beautiful Noelle Patrice Jenkins! As an Herbalist, she has carefully selected the ingredients, crafted the formula and studied the benefits for each Amber Reign product. The owner of Amber Reign and Noelle first met in July of 2021 and it was the perfect duet upon the first meeting. They met in SLC, UT and began planning for the future of Amber Reign. With the wisdom and guidance of Noelle, you will be able to feel the all the love she put into each product.


Noelle Patrice Jenkins

Herbalist and Healer 

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