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Essence of Ebony

Essence of Ebony is the Natural Hair Home for the Natural Men, Women & Children of the African Diaspora.

Services of Essence of Ebony

The Natural Hair Salon

Essence of Ebony, the salon, services your hair styling needs. Hair styles that Essence of Ebony provides are Locs, Loc Extensions, Cornrows, Box Braids, Children's styles, Men's styles, Two Strand Twists, Passion Twists, and Coils. If you're looking to book an appointment, click the link below.

Coaching For Parents

If you're a parent of a child looking to gain some knowledge on understanding their curls, what products to buy, what tools to use, how to style their hair and where to take them to get their hair done, then you'll want to book a 1:1 coaching session today. If you're not sure what you're looking for, book a consultation first, and we will guide you!

Natural Hair Therapy

Have you had challenges in the following areas or more: Thinning, Breakage, Dry scalp, dry locs, obtaining the right products, solidifying a good routine for your hair, maintaining moisture through your hair, edges fleeting, or scalp conditions? If so, we can help you heal your natural hair and get you to a place of comfort, restored confidence and great hair health.

The Crown Certification

Students, Cosmetologists, Barbers, Hair Designers, and Anyone interested in continuing education in Natural Hair - This certification is for you. This is a Natural Hair Certification offered by experts where you will complete 20 hours of hands on training on the styles and techniques of Natural Hair. 

Essence of Ebony

Essence of Ebony is the Natural Hair Home for the Natural Men, Women & Children of the African Diaspora.


We offer educational coaching services where we teach parents, students and individuals how to style curly hair, understand product knowledge and obtain healthy curly hair. Essence of Ebony also offers Services such as Locs, Braids, Coils, Cornrows and Two Strand twists. Essence of Ebony also recently launched a branch for Natural Hair Products called Amber Reign. Amber Reign is a luxury natural hair care line created by two Black women and is crafted and blessed according to the lunar cycle of each month. We wanted to offer not only a luxury and nutritional experience but a spiritual and high vibrational experience that allows people to be in touch with the earth on a deeper level. Essence of Ebony yearns for Black Men, Women and children to be the best versions of themselves - so It is crucial that we not only provide the means and the service of healthy hair, but educate and assist them on their journey to obtaining and maintaining healthy natural hair.

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Meet your CEO,
Imani Powell

Imani Color.heic

Imani Powell was born and raised in (New) Jersey, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors in Forensic Science (Biology) & minor in Chemistry and currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT. Imani spent most of her adolescence in a hair salon and has carried over her skills and teachings as a Natural Hair Stylist today. Imani is an artist, a creator, a scientist and an advocate for the Natural Essence of the Black Experience.

She is owner of Essence of Ebony, a Natural Hair home for the African Diaspora. She is a Natural Hair Stylists & Coach and has over 10 years of experience specifically in Natural Hair care. She has trained under Master Locticians, Cosmetologists, & Natural Hair Experts. She has styled for weddings, photoshoots & Films. Imani is also the Creator of The Crown Coaching Experience, a virtual and hands-on education training dedicated to helping parents and individuals take care of their own and/or their child’s natural curly hair.

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